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  • Where is Our Compassion?

    Creating awareness on the inhumanity and torture that so many animals go through for our entertainment. Animals are not spectacles to imprison, or meant to be used to give rides on. Yet thousands of these animals are forced to perform confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment; are captured from the

  • New Year 2016 – A Year of Compassion

    The campaign highlighted the ability each of us have to make a difference in the lives of all living beings who have a desire to be loved and live free and the capacity we have to create a compassionate Sri Lanka that respects, values and truly protects our people, animals

  • World Wild Life Day

    Highlighting the role all citizens have in conserving our immensely diverse and valuable wildlife and encouraging a society that respects, values and protects our animals. Cheap purim masks

  • Koskulana Mini Hydro Project alongside Sinharaja Rainforest Buffer Zone

    Despite the leaders of Sri Lanka pledging to reduce deforestation during the climate summit, rainforests in Sri Lanka continue to be destroyed at an alarming rate. A new and significant threat comes in the form of mini-hydro projects currently in construction with government approval within protected reserves and environmentally sensitive

  • World Bio Diversity Day

    As an island, Sri Lanka is blessed with vast ecosystem diversity due to its geo-climatic variations. On World Bio Diversity Day Otara spread awareness and highlighted the importance of conserving and protecting all life forms, before it is too late. Buy sertraline zoloft

  • World Wetlands Day

    Creating awareness across social media on the importance of maintaining our ecosystem and the detrimental impact it can have on in many areas affecting people, animals and valuable habitats, if we dont act now to stop the destruction and polution

  • The Mount Lavinia Beach Clean Up

    Otara joined a group of enthusiastic, young individuals wanting to be a part of the change in protecting and keeping Sri Lanka clean. Over 500 kg of recyclables and trash were collected.

  • World Environment Day

    The campaign aimed to create awareness and highlight the increasing illegal wildlife trade in Sri Lanka which so many people are unaware of which can result in the long term consequences of extinction of entire species. It also created awareness on how society contributes to this cycle of destruction by purchasing

  • Destruction of Elephant Habitat – Ehetuwewa, Galgamuwa

    Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) together with Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited (EFL) conducted four site visits from July November 2015. Investigations were carried out to understand the threats posed to the forest and the catchment area by the proposed Commercial Mango Cultivation project. It was noted that the proposed area was

  • Our Country is Our Home – The Arugambay Beach Clean Up

    Otara together with the community conducted a beach clean up in Arugambay. A live stream during the clean up, allowed more than 800,000 of her followers on Facebook access to the event where she highlighted the garbage issue we are facing and the effects of garbage induced marine pollution.