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  • y5

    30-07-17-Journey to Yala: A Responsible Adventure

    “Be the light for change. We all have the candle within us. It just needs your fire to light it up to make our country shine bright again for us and the world to see” – Otara said recently, as guest speaker at “Journey to Yala: A Responsible Adventure,” organized

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  • s3

    We Stand with the Street Dogs of Sri Lanka

    The Alliance for the Protection of Community Dogs, which includes Embark, along with compassionate citizens stepped out on the 24 th of July at Hyde Park Corner, in support of the beautiful streets dogs of Sri Lanka, with great hope of ending the new spate of cruelty that has begun

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  • 20140132_10154884976342183_3531371266678413299_n

    Animals Deserve More Rights

    Many animal welfare organizations have come together to stand up against the announcement made by the Government of Sri Lanka calling for the removal of street dogs, which had resulted in an increase of extreme cruelty and deaths of many dogs. A Press Conference was organized by the Alliance for the Protection of Community Dogs that was

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  • katunayake

    Employees are a company’s main asset, so shouldn’t they be treated as such?

    The Katunayaka Free Trade Zone (FTZ) attracts millions of rupees in foreign direct investments to Sri Lanka. However, as Otara Foundation recently discovered, the living conditions of the employees of the companies in this zone are unfortunately substandard, with many still living difficult lives,made worsedue to lack of access to

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